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Care Instructions

Once an item is sold, we cannot be responsible for any damages due to wear, negligence, modification or misuse after the 14 day exchange period.
We do understand that jewelry can break and we are happy to fix it for you!

Please follow repair instructions in link provided below:

Jewelry Care Guide

Our jewelry is fine in style, and should be handled carefully. While our materials are high quality, we encourage you to take good care of your jewelry. The below tips will help you enjoy your jewelry as long as possible:

1/ Keep your jewelry away from prolonged contact with water/sweat.
2/ Avoid contact with household chemicals, perfumes and hairsprays. 
3/ Avoid wearing your jewelry while taking part in strenuous activity, manual labor, and situations where the jewelry may become snagged etc.

4/ Avoid dropping jewelry as many natural gemstones are fragile and will break.

5/ Chlorinated water in swimming pools will 'oxidize' and blacken your jewelry, which can be hard or even impossible to remove, and the cleaning process can alter the finish of your jewelry irreversibly.

6/ Faux leather straps will become weak with extended wear and exposure to water/sweat.

7/ Avoid throwing your jewelry in purse unprotected as it may tangle, mis-shape & alter your jewelry.